OISÍN provides integrated Irish language consultancy and translation to the public and private sectors in Ireland.

Services at a glance
Professional Translation Service - Translation from English into Irish and Irish into English
Assistance with writing Irish Language Schemes designed to ensure compliance with the Official Languages Act 2003.
Language Planning assistance.
Multilingual design and publishing.
Transcription and subtitling for independent film companies, TG4 & RTE.
Researching of Placenames and Signage for Corporate Services, Local Authority Engineers & Private Developers etc.
We have gathered a large pool of professional translators and editors in various locations around the country. These include experienced consultants, editors, university qualified translators and native speakers of Irish from each of the major dialect regions.

OISÍN offers the following services:

Need Assessment (Scoping) & Project Management

OISÍN interprets on behalf of the client how recent legislation affects their organisation and in what way they must prepare for its implementation.
A project co-ordinator is assigned to liase with each client to efficiently establish and agree what work needs to be done and what service level is required. In the case of public bodies we interpret for the client how the Official Languages Act 2003 impacts on them and plan how they can most efficiently achieve and maintain compliancy with this legislation. This invariably involves engaging our own in-house expertise and experiences of the public sector in writing with our clients their 'Irish Language Scheme' as is required by legislation.

Our strategic alliance with the leading Welsh language consultants Cwmni Iaith allows us to propose plans here based on proven solutions introduced in Wales since the advent of the Welsh Language Act 1993.

Language Awareness Training

Providing language awareness training for staff ensures that they have an opportunity to

• understand why the organisation wishes to implement a bilingual policy
• understand the context and background of the policy
• be informed how the policy will affect their work

Topics covered include the demography of Ireland, language and identity, the nature of bilingualism, the historical context, the current legislation and equal opportunities issues - a whole raft of sensitive issues that need to be considered before effective implementation can begin.

Language Awareness Training can be tailored to the needs of individual organisations or departments. The training can address topics such as: managing bilingualism, service provision, customer care, human resources, corporate identity. Language equality can and will affect every aspect of a public organisation's work.

Translation, Editing & Proofreading
This is a core activity for OISÍN. Our linguists have native speaker fluency in the language into which they translate. We guarantee absolute confidentiality and fast turnaround times as well as competitive prices. We provide full translation of documentation to and from the Irish, English, French and German languages. All this work is rigorously edited and proofed by our professional staff, this results in the delivery of top class translations and customer satisfaction.

Creative Bilingual Design, Marketing & Advertising
We take the perceived difficulties out of designing and producing our client's collateral bilingually. We engage our own professional partnered design company to achieve the best results, though we can also work with a client's in-house designers and printers. This includes everything from promotional brochures to corporate identity to job advertismemnts.